Sunday, 8 April 2012

Breast Milk Storage: Bottles or Bags??? Glass or Plastic???

Some mummies have emailed me regarding milk storage so I thought it might be helpful to share some of my knowledge here.

Generally, the best methods to store breast milk would be plastic baby bottles (4 oz.) or specialized and disposable storage bags especially if you are storing your milk for less than 24 hours.

Why not glass?

Some research has indicated that within 24 hours of storage, some of the white blood cells in your breast milk could cling on to the bottle if it is made of glass material and thus, might not get passed on to your baby.

Furthermore, plastic bottles don’t break when you drop them so the chances of wastage would be lower.   

So, plastic bottles or bags?

In my opinion, storage bottles are generally more cost effective as they allow repeat use. Unless there are stubborn milk stains inside the bottles that could not be washed off or scratches where bacteria might grow in them, you shouldn’t have to replace them. Thus, a bottle that cost around $8 will probably go a longer way than 50 pieces of disposable storage bags at $18.   

Storage bottles are also better containers for mummies with butter fingers like me! Bags do require more careful handling to avoid spillage or tearing. It is also easier to pump direct into the storage bottles instead of bags (although some of the bags have adaptors that allow direct pumping).  

On the other hand, storage bags help to save space as you can lay them flat and stack them up.

For working mums, storage bags are also more convenient since you don't have to wash and sterilise the storage bottles after use. Milk in storage bags also thaw faster than those in storage bottles generally. What’s more, new improvements such as double zipper and double-bagging now allows more sturdy milk bags that minimize leakages and puncture.

So, should I use bottles or bags? I suppose it boils down to a matter of preference as each method has its pros and cons.

What’s in store?

For mummies interested in using storage bottles, do check out the highly rated Ameda storage bottles in our great deals page! A locking ring ensures that it is leak-proof and not only that, the bottles fit most standard nipples like Dr Brown’s and NUK, and popular brands of pumps like Ameda and Medela PIS.
For mummies who prefer storage bags, the Honeysuckle milk bags might be a brand to consider. A relatively new brand into the market, they are more cost effective than the very popular Lansinoh and Medela milk bags, while offering similar if not, better quality.

Many users experienced fewer leakages with Honeysuckle as the sides and bottom of the bags seem thicker and thus hold up well in the fridge even when laid flat. For mummies who are environmentally friendly, you might want to know their bags are biodegradable too!

Note: We have ordered a batch directly from US as I couldn’t seem to find this brand in Singapore. Email us at if you are interested in trying them out!


  1. Do we get to try them for free?

    1. Hi mum2oneds,

      Kindly email me your home address. :)

  2. Hi, is the free trial for the storage milk bag still available? Thanks..

  3. Hi, is the free trial for the storage milk bag still available? Thanks..